Sean Penn never stays in the same hotel as his castmates.

The 'This Must Be The Place' star admitted the "fraternity" vibe of his early movie 'Taps' where he, Tom Cruise and Timothy Hutton all stayed at the same hotel and ran wild, made him yearn for a quieter filming experience.

He said: "They forced us into a fraternity on that one. They had us set up at this hotel in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. And we were all kids running around. We had a great time. But since then, I'm always the guy who stays at the other hotel than the other actors stay in. I remember we were shooting in Thailand on 'Casualties of War', and some guys were going to hospital, showing up with stitches. Groups of young actors can forget what they're here to do. I didn't want to get caught up in that."

Sean also admitted he prefers directing to acting simply because it's a "better job".

He said: "It's just a better job. You can't really go a lot accomplished when you're just acting. I have to keep doing it to bill-pay."