Sean Penn will miss the Cannes screening of his new film today (20.05.10) to testify about Haiti.

The actor has remained in the US instead of heading over to the coveted film festival in France to promote his new political thriller 'Fair Game' - which also stars Naomi Watts - where he has spoken out about how it is imperative for hospitals in the earthquake-stricken area to be staffed and stocked with equipment immediately.

Talking in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Washington yesterday (19.05.10), he said: "In many cases, the bureaucracy of international aid is protecting people to death.

"I come here today in the hope that we will address with bold clarity the razor's edge upon which Haiti lies."

After Haiti was devastated by the earthquake in January, Sean founded the J/P Haitian Relief Organisation in a bid to provide the area with immediate relief.

He is also the designated manager of one of Port-au-Prince's largest camps for survivors.

Sean is expected to continue discussions with the senate today.