Outspoken actor Sean Penn has attacked the movie industry for shying away from politics in films.

The OSCAR-winning screen star - who is currently promoting new movie THE ASSASSINATION OF RICHARD NIXON at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL - is appalled by the lack of political content in contemporary cinema, because it proves Hollywood bosses are oblivious to the major issues in the world.

His latest outburst follows his controversial trip to Iraq last year (03) where he spoke out against the war - a move he believes cost him subsequent film roles.

He says, "I don't think there is any art that doesn't respond to the times and I don't think there's enough political films here or anywhere.

"The politics, as we understand politics to be, are so present in our lives right now that any painting that doesn't reflect it in some ways is dismissible to me."

The Assassination Of Richard Nixon is based on the true story of a furniture salesman who plotted to kill the former American President in 1974 by flying an airliner into the White House.

19/05/2004 13:45