Actor Sean Penn has concluded his marriage to Madonna collapsed under the strain of their equally bad behaviour.

The MYSTIC RIVER star, 44, admits his desire to stay out of the limelight mixed with Madonna's quest for international superstardom was a damaging combination, one which ultimately led to their divorce in 1989, after a turbulent four-year union.

And while Penn - who's now married to ROBIN WRIGHT PENN - accepts his wildman, angry reputation at the time was justified, Madonna was not the innocent victim of his rage.

He says, "She was in the process of becoming the biggest star in the world. I just wanted to make my films and hide.

"I was an angry young man. I had a lot demons and don't really know who could've lived with me at the time. I was just as badly behaved as her, so I can't point the finger of blame."

21/04/2005 13:35