Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn insists he didn't really know his ex-wife Madonna when he was married to her, and can't remember having "a single conversation" with her. Penn, 44, married the superstar in 1985 at the height of her career and divorced her four years later (89), but blames his own vanity and excessive drinking for the relationship's demise. He says, "She was a phenomenon, but nothing could have told anybody what would happen next. I describe that marriage as loud. That's how I remember it. I don't recall having a single conversation in four years of marriage. "I've talked to her a few times since, and there's a whole person there. I just didn't know it. I was just living in my own head. Who was it that said 'Men are vain, particularly young men'? That was me, and I liked to drink a lot. "I'm not saying it was meaningless. I've carried over the lessons to things more applicable now."