OSCAR-winning actor Sean Penn has been credited for raising the profile of singer-songwriter Arthur Godfrey.

Former postal worker Godfrey made his living performing in small bars and coffee houses in and around Boston, Massachusetts for more than a decade until the MYSTIC RIVER star "discovered" him in Memphis, Tennessee two years ago.

Since then, Godfrey has hung out with Penn on the sets of four movies, filmed a cameo in the actor's upcoming film The Assassination of Richard Nixon and performed with his band at the wrap party for 21 GRAMS.

Godfrey, 48, says, "I'm the son of a fireman from a poor neighbourhood called Whiskey Point. And I believe Sean really relates with blue-collar, working class people who drag their a** out of bed every day and go to work in real-life America. That's what my songs are all about."

Last month (JUN04), Penn took his actor pals Tim Robbins and Al Pacino to see Godfrey perform at a private showcase in Manhattan, New York.

22/07/2004 21:22