Movie star Sean Penn has attacked Mel Gibson for not publicly rejecting anti-Semitic comments his father once famously made. Penn, who was appalled by The Passion Of The Christ director's anti-Semitic rant during a drink-driving arrest in July (06), believes Gibson's problems were evident long before the scandal. Penn feels that the BRAVEHEART star should have spoken out against radio interview comments his father made, suggesting parts of the Holocaust were a myth and that Jewish deaths were exaggerated, when he had the chance. Penn says, "The signs were there that there was a problem in his thinking and maybe a very ugly one. "When he was interviewed about his father's statements when he had his movie about Christ... there were some issues. Whether it's your father or not, when he says things that are obscene that (are) taken on in the press, you've got to reject it." But Penn doesn't buy into the hysteria surrounding Gibson's comments, insisting that everyone who makes anti-Semitic remarks need help, not just celebrities. He adds, "These were very ugly things, they weren't illegal things to say."