Sean Penn has a new nemesis in Venezuelan-American baseball boss Ozzie Guillen.
The outspoken Chicago White Sox manager has challenged the movie star to accompany him on a trip to Venezuela, so he can show Penn the real country - not the one he witnessed when he visited as a guest of President Hugo Chavez.
Guillen was appalled when he heard Penn praising controversial Chavez on TV in March (11), calling the actor a "clown" in a tweet.
And during an interview on U.S. show In Depth With Graham Bensinger on Wednesday (03Aug11), Guillen branded Penn "a loser," adding, "When you say our country is in good shape when it's not, who are you to talk about Venezuela?
"I invite him to go to Venezuela with me, and I'll say, 'This is Venezuela, bro. Here it is. This Venezuela, not the one they show you.'"