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Mr. Penn, I can’t even begin to put into words how I was affected by your presence on the Larry King show Monday night. You are one of the most heartfelt individuals who came on the air and express yourself about Haiti with such sincere feelings. When I saw you on the show, I was under the impression that you were simply going to be like most others who comes on and say two words and leave the subject alone. As you were talking about how bad things are over there and how willing you are to help bring change to this apocalyptic event as you put it, I am telling you... I just couldn’t hold tears. You are so genuine and sincere in your words. Mr. Sean Penn, suddenly you become a different man in my eyes and in my life. I am sure that I am not the only man to see you like that. As Larry King said himself “Sean Penn, I salute you.” The Haitians are thankful for all your efforts and true dedications. Allow me to thank you on behalf of all my people. May God continue to bless your heart and pull away all the negativities and pessimisms that may come your way. Mr. Penn, your last appearance on Larry King on Monday the 15th of February left me with two dreams which I pray to God will become possible one day. You are the only one that can make it happen aside from God. One of my dreams is to meet you one day in person while having the opportunity to shake your hands. I know it’s like asking for the impossible, but meeting you would be one of my dearest accomplishments in life. My second dream is to see myself working side by side with you in Haiti to witness the change that we are hoping to see happening there. My heart is there with you; after all I have good experience in working with people there through disaster time. During the last three or four hurricanes that hits Haiti back to back in 2004, I was able to assist some missionary groups with distributing food and much more. Through translation and interpretation, I helped coordinate the efforts to move around the areas that were mostly in needs. I experienced so many different hard times in Haiti that I have no choice but to remain attached to this country. Now, I am asking for you to help make this dream become a reality. I am willing and ready to move to Haiti just to work by your side. I believe in your work and dedication. I don’t know if my letter will ever reach you or if I can even begin to think that someone will take it to heart and bring it to your attention. One thing I do know though, faith does move mountains and hopefully you will get to read this letter and help change my life.

Posted 7 years 7 months ago by Petenerson

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Sean, My husband and I are big fans of yours. You have great talent and we make sure to watch any movie you are in. Thanks for the entertainment!

Posted 8 years 12 months ago by gasp

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I have lost dear ones...and I have justread that your lost your brother...and another lives, the music I've loved.Please, Please listen to my brother'smusic www.,a friend to Mike Timmons of the Cowboy Junkieswhose wife is one of my best friends,but my brother, who has taken risks like you,you know, it's not easy. we are half Iraqiand that has only rendered us more humane,we have generations of family there...and my mother a part Austrian empire and Jewish laced intellectual pschologistand expert on PTSD. gosh what can I sawthis moment I ask whatever, your wife, Please this is not a fan thingRobin's an amazing actress too.okaywww.stephansmith.comask tom waits, mike david lowery of camper van...,and so many i live my life as a meditation teacheri cannot count his ways, but the time is now.If anything, perhaps a peaceful, huggable lovehelps to soften him for this generation beforehe becomes another Van Gogh,And Love to your Family,Leila

Posted 10 years 5 months ago by Leila marie sai...

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Wow Sean,I used to like you and your rebel style alot. It's time that you grow up. Stand by your country or proceed to exit with your friends like Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin...we are tired of your nonsupport of our great country!

Posted 11 years 6 days ago by I Am an American

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Isn't it great that you are not required to haveintelligence to be in the movies. The fact is, Ienjoy most of the movies you are in, but, quitefrankly, you should not try to impress people withyour opinions. Is the "torture doll" the best youcan come up with to counter the truth about liberals?Don't give up your day job!

Posted 11 years 6 months ago by paul6387

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