The father of dancehall star Sean Paul was held at gunpoint and robbed at his home in Jamaica last month (Jul08).
Garth Henriques was unhurt, but his friend and business partner John 'Pops' Dowling was shot and injured during the incident on 13 July (08). He is recovering at the University Hospital of the West Indies.
Henriques tells X News Jamaica, "He is recovering but still needs another operation. The bullet shattered the bone in his arm and his nerves are damaged. He needs an operation for his nerves. He needs blood, his lungs are still bleeding and he needs to replace that blood."
He says of the robbery, carried out by two men, "They got $3,000 (GBP1,622). They put us both on the ground but Pops got up and ran and they shot him at close range. The bullet shattered his arm and went through his lungs and went into the other arm.
"When I spoke to Pops, he said he looked into the guy's eyes and thought he was going to kill him, so he ran. After the guy shot him, they ran off."