A New York woman who suffered seizures every time she heard dancehall star Sean Paul's music has hailed her brain surgery a "miracle", after it cured her of the illness. Stacy Gayle is one of just five people in the world who suffer from musicogenic epilepsy, which is triggered by particular music. The 24-year-old's condition only arose when she heard the Jamaican star's music - particularly his 2006 hit Temperature. She says, "As soon as the beat comes on, I don't know what it is, it just triggers my seizure. It's like a weird sensation you get, like a tingling in your head. I smelled something funny, a weird smell. "Sean Paul was giving me seizures. I was very surprised, because he was one of my favourite artists." Doctors at New York's Long Island Jewish Hospital carried out an operation on Gayle in October (07) - and she has been seizure-free since. She tells the New York Post, "It's a miracle."