LATEST: Reggae superstar Sean Paul has escaped serving 500 hours of community service after pleading guilty to using profanity onstage in Jamaica last month (JUL03).

Authorities in St James slapped a court summons on the dancehall artist's head after listening to his language at the REGGAE SUMFEST concert.

Police had warned the Sumfest's promoters and performers that a law against using indecent language onstage during public performances would be strictly enforced.

Two days after being issued a summons as he walked off the stage, Paul pleaded guilty in court via his lawyer. The judge refused the plea, however, because the singer, who was in the middle of a tour, did not appear before the court in person.

Ordered to show up in court or risk jail time, Paul appeared yesterday (11AUG03), and was fined 2,000 Jamaican dollars ($34/GBP21).

According to Paul's spokesperson, he apologised to JUDGE VALRIE (corr) STEPHENS and the people of Montego Bay, saying, "I promise that this won't happen again."

13/08/2003 01:47