Sean Paul's mother thinks his sexy lyrics are causing the Earth's population to increase.

The 'Mad Love' hitmaker has confessed his mom Frances Henriques has told him to ''sing songs about contraception'' as she thinks he is causing overpopulation across the globe.

He said: ''My mum, she's like: 'Yo the earth should not be so populated, you have to sing songs about contraception,' one day I'll do it as it's true. It's crazy, we are clotting the place up.''

And Sean also feels his lyrics are helping the male population impress their female counterparts.

He is quoted by the Daily Star newspaper as saying: ''I had a dude come up to me one time at a party and say: 'Yo as a kid growing up and hearing your songs it was different, you were talking to the ladies different bro, you gave me some swag.' The kid was saying, 'I didn't hear people say it like that before in this genre,' like how to chat girls, which is an important thing for the growth of humanity and continuation of life.''

Meanwhile, Sean recently teased who his dream collaboration would be, admitting he's always wanted to work with her.

He shared: ''I've been saying I want to collaborate with Alicia Keys all my life. Recently Swizz [Beatz] reached out to me about her. We got a song brewing up in the mix, so hopefully in a few months I'll finish recording. There's a demo, but we want to be in the same room together. So big up Swizz and Alicia. I've been waiting more than 20 years!''