Reggae star Sean Paul is hoping to carry on Bob Marley's peace efforts in his native Jamaica by addressing violence that left a close friend dead on his next album. The TEMPERATURE hitmaker wants to get serious with his music on his fourth album - as a tribute to both Marley and pal DADDINGTON, who was shot on the streets of Kingston. Paul's bid to highlight ongoing troubles in his native Jamaica started when he insisted on shooting his latest video for NEVER GONNA BE THE SAME on the mean streets where he grew up. He tells MTV News, "It's a song I wrote about a friend who passed away. I did a video for it already in Jamaica, in the streets and the neighbourhoods that we used to walk together. And so it's a real special video." In the lyrics, the reggae star also namechecks other friends he has lost to violent attacks. He insists his fourth album, which he hopes to release next year (07) will be full of songs with political and peaceful messages.