LATEST: The widow of late R+B singer Sean Levert has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Cleveland prison officials after the star collapsed in his cell earlier this year (08).
The 39-year-old son of The O'Jays star Eddie Levert fell unconscious while behind bars at Cuyahoga County Jail on 30 March (08).
He was taken to the local Lutheran Hospital, but was pronounced dead less than an hour later.
A coroner ruled he died of natural causes and it was revealed he suffered from heart disease and high blood sugar levels.
But Levert's widow Angela Lowe insists his untimely death was because he did not receive imminent medical care after his collapse and he was not given alprazolam - a drug he had been prescribed with - while in jail.
She claims that the right medical attention could have prevented Levert's death and she is suing for unspecified damages, according to website
Levert had been serving a 22-month prison sentence for failing to pay $89,025 (GBP44,513) in child support to the mother of his kids.