Sean Lennon had to reign in his mother Yoko Ono and her abstract ideas when the two worked together on a project for his latest album FRIENDLY FIRE. Sean, 31, who is the son of Ono and late BEATLE John Lennon, asked his mother to produce a DVD to accompany the release of his new album this month (DEC06). He explains, "It's weird with my mom, because as most people know she's an avant-garde artist, so she has kind of avant-garde sensibilities. "When I started to make the film which was basically people saying lines and doing normal things she was like, 'Why is it so mainstream? "'I mean, I would make the film just by filming a cereal bowl with a fly on it. What's all this budget for clothing and everything? Why's everyone wearing clothes?' "I'm like, 'Mom, it's not the '60s anymore!'" He does concede that he respects his mother's offbeat tastes, adding, "She's underground. She's pretty hip still."