Sean Lennon has heaped praise on his mother Yoko Ono for overseeing his latest series of music promos - even though she hated the concept at first. Lindsay Lohan, Carrie Fisher and Asia Argento were among a string celebrities to appear in late BEATLE John Lennon's son's short films to accompany the tracks on his new album. The actresses featured in the "companion film" for the rocker's new album FRIENDLY FIRE - but the mainstream movie names appalled his avant garde mum. Lennon says, "She was a producer and gave me advice. For a while she thought I was being too commercial but I think she loves it now. "Her sense of film is to, say, take an avocado, film it for six days and have, like, mosquitoes buzzing around in the background. "I don't want to undermine her because I think she is probably my greatest influence, my favourite artist. "But I think in her mind for a while she thought, 'Why are you trying to do this mainstream thing?"