R&B star Sean Kingston has embarked on a new diet and exercise regime to shed the pounds after narrowly avoiding death during a jet ski accident in May (11).
The singer was hospitalised for almost one month after crashing his jet ski into a bridge near his Miami, Florida home.
He has since made a full recovery and Kingston reveals the headline-grabbing incident has made him thankful for his second chance at life - and it's inspired him to get healthy.
The Beautiful Girls hitmaker, who stands tall at six foot, three inches (1.9 metres), admits he was around 315 pounds (142.88 kilograms) at his heaviest. He has already dropped 45 pounds (20.4 kilograms) in recent weeks and he's aiming to shed another 20 (nine kilograms) to achieve his "ideal weight".
In an MTV special, which aired in the U.S. on Tuesday (02Aug11), he says, "I shed like, 45 pounds and I've been working out everyday... I've been really getting my healthiness on.
"I do the bicycle, I do the treadmill, basketball, and I just gotta keep it up and lose more weight because it's easy to gain weight when you're in the studio. When I first started out it was all the late night eating, carbs and all that, but I've been cutting all that out. (Now) I don't eat after six and... I feel a lot better.
"I got a trainer, he comes over. But my goal is just to get healthy in terms of being the ideal weight for my height. I got like, 20 more pounds to go."