The former James Bond actor and his wife Micheline were first linked to the investigation in 2010, years after they sold their mansion near Marbella, Spain, in 1999.

They made $8.4 million (£6.9 million) by selling the property to redevelopers. The estate was knocked down and replaced with a complex of 72 apartments, against planning regulations, which later sold for $55 million (£45 million).

The couple denied allegations of wrongdoing and after being questioned, Connery was told in 2014 he wouldn't face trial, while his wife did face the courts in November (15) for allegedly aiding and abetting a complex operation to defraud the Spanish authorities.

However, following the long-running trial the actor's lawyers were found guilty, with Luis Juega Garcia being sentenced to nine years and Hector Diaz Bastien and Ramon Asesio Bolea to seven years each. All three were also ordered to repay more than $17 million (£14 million) in unpaid company tax.

Bastien founded the law firm that the 86-year-old used when he sold his Marbella home, and Bolea and Garcia were partners, according to Mail Online.

Luis Juega Garcia, Hector Diaz Bastien and Ramon Asesio Bolea are expected to appeal and will not be incarcerated until the appeal is finalised.