The ex-wife of SIR Sean Connery insists she is still in love with the James Bond star, and "wishes she could be free of him". Diane Cilento, who recently spoke out about the violence she allegedly suffered at the actor's hands, married again after divorcing Connery in 1973. But she admits her heart still leaps whenever she sees him on TV, despite the pain he caused her. She says, "I did bump into him in an airport some years ago. It was weird. A sudden shock. Like seeing someone you think you know, only now it's a different person. "I do feel there's unfinished business between us. I don't know why. I wish I could be free of him. "I loved the old Sean, I still do. Sometimes when I see him today on some talk show, I catch a fleeting glimpse of my old love in the turn of his head or a well-remembered phrase, and it still makes my heart turn over."