Construction at SIR Sean Connery's New York home has stalled after workers downed their tools, fearing they will be arrested in an ongoing dispute between the star and his neighbours.
The actor's lawyer appeared at Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday (29Jul08) to follow-up on his neighbour Dr. Burton Sultan's call to police last Friday (25Jul08).
Dr Sultan had complained about a noisy construction crew working on the upper east side townhouse that he shares with the former James Bond star.
Connery's lawyer Robert Lynn contended that the workers were erecting scaffolding at the rear of the building to work on the roof when police were called to the scene.
The parties have been battling for the past six years over the repairs at the house, resulting in a series of suits filed against each other.
The feuding pair reached an agreement last April (08), but accusations have continued to fly. One lawsuit calls Connery a "rude, foul-mouthed, fat old man".
Connery's downstairs neighbours are disputing the actor's claims, insisting the workers were trespassing in their back yard.