SIR Sean Connery is relieved he snubbed Oliver Stone's critically-mauled Alexander after early reservations about the coherence of the movie persuaded him not to appear in the epic.

The 74-year-old Scottish actor rejected the role of PHILIP, which was eventually played by 45-year-old Val Kilmer, because he was unimpressed with the script's "dense" re-telling of the Macedonian warrior's life.

Connery tells HOTDOG magazine, "I had reservations about the script because I thought the story was too dense, and I wondered, if you are going to say all these things then where is the movie?"

The $150 million (GBP78 million) movie has since only generated $34.3 million (GBP18 million) at the American box office, while star Colin Farrell's broad Irish accent has been widely ridiculed.

08/02/2005 17:46