Spanish authorities are investigating SIR Sean Connery and his wife MICHELINE over allegations of fraudulent tax activities, according to reports.
A property company linked to the former James Bond star and his wife has allegedly failed to pay $2 million (£1.3 million) of tax on the sale of development rights to land on the outskirts of Malaga, reports Spanish newspaper Sur.
In May (10), Connery was named in a money-laundering investigation stemming from the sale of a seaside villa just east of Marbella, a coastal town close to Malaga.
The actor was said to have sold the property for $9 million (£6 million) in 1999 and it was knocked down and replaced by a complex with 72 apartments - despite laws dictating only five homes could be constructed on it.
The Madrid and Marbella offices of the law firm which allegedly handled the sale were raided in May (10).
Connery and Micheline lived in Marbella from the 1970s to the 1990s but now reside in the Bahamas.