SIR Sean Connery feels extra "touched" to be honoured by the Moroccan government - because he met his wife in the country.

While the OSCAR-winning actor, 74, is grateful to be bestowed the African country's highest honour this month (DEC04) by KING MOHAMED VI - he remains unfazed by other accolades awarded to him.

Connery says, "Well, I'm very touched...and I do have a great sentimental attachment to Morocco.

"Not only is it where I shot THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING, as it's also where I met MICHELINE, in Marrakech, coming up for 35 years ago now.

"But those who know me well know that I've never gone looking for honours, and that I really don't give a damn what's left to remember me by when I'm gone."

23/12/2004 21:52