LATEST: A Magazine editor has hit out at reports SIR Sean Connery has secretly bought the moon buggy he rode in the 1971 James Bond movie DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, insisting the space vehicle is still going to auction.

GRAHAM RYE, editor of 007 MAGAZINE, was left fuming when news emerged Connery had charmed him into selling the buggy privately for $54,000 (GBP30,000).

The moon buggy will still be part of a collection of movie and entertainment pieces offered at London auction house CHRISTIE'S on 14 December (04).

Rye says, "No one was more surprised than me to read reports that Sir Sean Connery had purchased the Diamonds Are Forever moon buggy for $54,000.

"It is of course complete and utter rubbish. Besides, I would certainly have expected a larger offer - even from a Scotsman!

"Sir Sean has no interest whatsoever in James Bond these days. He moved on rather successfully from 007 years ago."

19/11/2004 17:57