LATEST: DANITY KANE star WANITA WOODGETTE has hit back at reports she's quit rap mogul Sean Combs' all-girl group, insisting bandmates are just circulating gossip in cyberspace. Singer Dawn Richards posted a message on her website late last week (ends13Jul07) addressing rumours bandmate Aubrey O'Day had left the group, and revealed that Woodgette had moved on too. But the singer/dancer, known as D. Woods, has fired back in her own website blast, insisting she's still very much a member of the pop band. Woodgette writes, "Things have spun out of control and a lot of people are wondering what's up... All I know is rumours are started every day and like I was always told, 'As long as they talking about you...' "However, the problem begins when those on the inside circle fuel the rumours and put out false statements and speak on behalf of those in question, namely me or anyone the rumour is about. "It's very messy, reads as malice, and is just not a good look altogether. "My time as a member of DK has been a rocky roller coaster with blows coming from all angles. I've been blessed to be a founding member of this group, so, NO I haven't left."