LATEST: A recent newspaper report linking Sean Combs to a gun attack on late rapper Tupac Shakur is based on false documentation, it has been claimed. The Los Angeles Times ran an article on 17 March (08) claiming the music mogul's former manager, Czar Entertainment CEO Jimmy 'Henchman' Rosemond was involved in a plan to ambush Shakur at a New York Recording studio in 1994. Both Combs and Rosemond have hit back at the allegations - denying any involvement in the attack which saw Shakur shot five times, two years before he was murdered in Las Vegas. No one was ever charged in connection with the shooting, which was believed to have started a "gang war" which eventually resulted in Shakur's death. Chuck Phillips, the journalist who wrote the story, recently issued another response standing by his article. But now claims to have obtained the 'official' legal documents - and alleges they are all fake. According to the website, the supposed FBI files had been created by convicted con artist James Sabatino while serving time at the Allenwood federal prison in White Deer, Pennsylvania - because the FBI have no record of the 'reports'. The Los Angeles Times has now launched an investigation into the authenticity of the documents.