Sean Combs has laughed off rumours he was planning to give away $2 million (£1.25 million) during a visit to a strip club weekend (26-28May12), insisting the stunt was a joke.
The rapper prompted a flurry of excited Twitter messages from his fans when he revealed he would be going to clubs in Miami, Florida and Las Vegas and giving away millions of dollars in cash, writing, "Imma (sic) throw at least 2 mill. For everyone. Not just the strippers... I'm payin (sic) past due rents. Student loans. Alimony and new weaves... We work hard and we play hard!"
However, Combs has now admitted he wasn't being serious.
He writes, "Fyi (for your information) the 2 mill strip club tweet was a Twitter joke! If I threw away 2 mill in a strip club my baby mamas would f**k me up. Lol(lough out loud) loosin (sic) up. But I will give away a large some of money that hard working strippers... deserve!!!! They deserve it! Don't hate!"