The Bad Boy Records founder aired his grievances in a lengthy video on Snapchat on Thursday (12Jan17), when he revealed he was fed up of young rappers and their skewed views about what makes good hip-hop.

"It's too much c**nery and buffoonery going on," he ranted. "The culture's getting killed... I'm in amazement by what's going on in the world... It's too much c**ning and buffooning going on, too much... I can't believe this is what hip-hop has become..."

He continued his outburst by urging music fans to research the roots of the genre and learn about what real rap really is.

"Netflix has this great documentary on hip-hop, the history of hip-hop," the 47-year-old said, referring to Hip-Hop Evolution. "I know I think Steve Stoute (former music executive) did one, Fab Five (Freddy)... Just go to YouTube, man. Go to YouTube."

Diddy then declared he was embarking on a social media blackout.

"I'm staying off my social devices," he added. "It's too much c**ning and buffooning...

"I just love this hip hop culture and I'm scared the direction it's going in," he continued. "I'm not scared, I'm concerned, because we have some of the most brilliant minds in the world (in this industry), but something has to change, we're going in the wrong direction..."

He has since deleted his Instagram page and deleted all previous posts on his Twitter page.

Combs did not explain what exactly prompted his rant, but a number of music newcomers have recently stirred controversy, with MC Lil Yachty infamously blasting slain hip-hop legends Tupac Shakur and Diddy's protege the Notorious B.I.G. as overrated, while Lil' Uzi refused to freestyle over a classic Gangstarr beat during an appearance on New York radio station Hot 97, reports