The 46-year-old music mogul and entrepreneur is famous for his lavish lifestyle, flamboyant taste and his annual White Party, which has become a star-studded bash equalling the post-Oscars festivities and the Met Ball, but in 2016 his passion for having fun will come in second to other more personal pursuits.

"I would say that my number one focus is mind, spirit and body - making sure that I’m just as passionate about my mind, spirit and my body as I am about one of my records or one of my companies," he explained to USA Today about his New Year's resolution.

Diddy is looking to accomplish this holistic balance by eating right, chilling out more frequently and tuning into himself.

"(I'll be) making sure that I spend time to check in with myself so I’m connected to the vibrations that I’m putting out there," he said. "It’s that simple.”

The rapper will also be hoping this year (16) is free of the drama that plagued him in 2015 after he was arrested in June (15) for confronting his son Justin's strength and conditioning coach, Sal Alosi, during a University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) Bruins practice.

Although no charges were brought against him, the legal headache went on for several months before it was resolved.