P. Diddy is looking for a girl to settle down with.

The 'Coming Home' hitmaker - who has dated A-listers Jennifer Lopez and Cassie Ventura in the past - admits many of his previous relationships haven't worked out because of his work ethic, but he's recently re-evaluated his life and is now ready for commitment.

He said: "I'm a workaholic. It's cost me relationships. I definitely have some regrets. If it could have worked out with certain women but it wasn't supposed to be like that. That must be for the better because it's brought me to here now.

"Puff Daddy is back with a new style of music and personally I've changed too. I like the simpler things in life like poetry and if the right person is out there for me - well, if she's ready, I'm ready."

Diddy, 41, also told how his latest album with his Dirty Money group, 'Last Train To Paris', is a concept album about chasing love and shows a "vulnerable" side to the rapper.

He added: "It's like hitting a reset button for me as an artist, it's about finding love, losing them and then getting it back again, but not in a corny way.

"It gets really vulnerable. The album is really sincere. It's not watered down or made pretty."