Hip hop mogul Sean 'P Diddy' Combs will change his name again when he releases his latest album so it reflects his newfound rock'n'roll influence.

The rapper loves to create alter-egos for himself and so far he has been known as PUFFY, PUFF DADDY and most recently P Diddy - but the BAD BOY FOR LIFE star is determined to reinvent himself and move away from the self-indulgence currently dominating the music scene.

He says, "You'll be seeing another side of me, I'm going back to more of the days when there was true rock and roll stars.

"I will be playing a character, there will be something a little eccentric, a little bit different, something we'll be able to have fun with. Something, I think, that's missing in music right now.

"It definitely has a very up-tempo musical vibe. It's not self-centred. It's not one of those albums where you just talk about what I'm going through. It's stuff that can be performed, you could play at parties. I love giving people a good time."

20/07/2005 01:54