P. Diddy claims there is an "art" to 'sexting'.

The rap mogul is a fan of the phenomenon - the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos between mobile phones - and insists there is nothing wrong or unusual with it.

He said: "I'm a sex texter myself. I'm the perfect spokesperson for that, baby. This is an art, and this is a relationship men and Women have had since the beginning of mobile devices."

The star prefers to use the new Blackberry device to send racy pictures of himself because they show him at his best.

He explained to US TV talk show host David Letterman: "On these new Blackberrys there's a certain angle. It gives you such an increase in size and width that after you take the picture, you can't help but to send it to a loved one.

"Here's the mistake, this is where the mistake came in. When you send the picture with your head. You have to do headless sexting. You gotta keep things spicy.

"It's not just my head that is big!"

Diddy also spoke of his desire to buy an NFL football team and joked that he would be the perfect owner for the Minnesota Vikings, whose married quarterback Brett Favre has been accused of sending genital shots from his phone to reporter Jenn Stager.

He said: "That's why you need an owner like me, that has gone through different things and had different experiences.

"Even though Brett Favre is one of the best quarterbacks of all time ... he's allowed to send a picture of his penis to um ... I love Brett Favre, we're all human and we all make mistakes."