Some music fans go to great lengths to get close to their idols, but 30 year-old Quamine Taylor over-stepped the mark somewhat when he decided to sneak into P Diddy 's residence in the Hamptons, where he was discovered and arrested on April 1, 2012.
Sean Combs will no doubt be struggling to see the funny side of this particular April Fool's day prank, especially considering this isn't the first time it's happened. Taylor was previously caught trespassing on Puffy's property in 2001, when he was caught lounging in the hip-hop star's pool. He's clearly a talented actor because he managed to convince Coombs' security that he was his cousin. This second attempt, 11 years later, found Taylor sneaking into the swanky residence via an unlocked basement door, whilst the high profile owner was away. After he broke in, he remained in the property for 24 hours before he was finally caught and arrested. During his time in the house, E! Online reports that he helped himself to the contents of Diddy's liquor cabinet, and tried on his clothes, living the life of his idol, whilst Diddy was none the wiser.
Taylor did trip an alarm, but turned on the charm once more and managed to convince both a police officer and an alarm company rep that he was authorised to stay in the property. It was only when the caretaker turned up that the police were called again and he was arrested. He's been charged with trespass and petit larceny and has been held in custody, with $2,000 bail. Time for a restraining order, Diddy?