P. Diddy has grown to appreciate his female fans.

The 'Coming Home' hitmaker - who has five children - has mellowed now he is 43 and no longer has wild and crazy parties backstage.

When asked what the craziest thing a fan has done for him was, Diddy told Extra TV: ''I've had some fun, and some of the stories are true, and I thank God for those stories of being in the music industry and having fun. But as you evolve and as you grow you kind of look for something more special and appreciate your female fans. You're always looking for that one special person you can always count on.''

Diddy appeared alongside Mark Wahlberg, who also said he is grateful to the fans who have supported his career.

He added: ''I've been very fortunate in that I've had a lot of genuine support, people appreciate the work that I do because they know how much effort I put into it.

''If you want to see any of my other stories you can look at the inspiration behind [TV show] 'Entourage' and some of the early episodes of that, whether it was me, or Diddy or someone else.''

Meanwhile Diddy has announced he is launching a new cable channel in the US, Revolt TV.

Diddy wants the new venture to be the ''first channel of the social media age,'' and will designed to be broadcast across a number of different platforms.

He added: ''I would say this journey started me for seven years ago when MTV stopped playing music and that had huge impact on the future of music.

''The music started to become safe. We didn't have the experience I had when I grew up, whether it be Led Zeppelin or Janice Joplin. There was no longer a platform for music artists to trust with their creativity.''

Revolt TV is expected to launch later this year.