Music mogul DIDDY has done more than wreck singer AUBREY O'DAY's musical dreams - his decision to fire her from girl group Danity Kane has turned her off the industry altogether.
The pin-up, who upset Diddy by posing scantily-clad in a series of men's magazines, has revealed she's contemplating quitting pop music for good - because her departure from the band has left her jaded.
Diddy, aka Sean Combs, fired O'Day on an episode of reality TV show Making The Band in 2008, after criticising her "oversexed image" and accused her of trying to promote herself as a celebrity at the expense of the group.
O'Day has since expanded her career outside music, appearing in the pages of Playboy magazine and saucy Las Vegas stage production Peepshow, and she admits she may never return to music.
The 25 year old tells's PopWrap blog, "I've lost that loving feeling a little bit because of the situation that introduced me to the industry... We were these young girls that believed in a dream and thought life would be fair - but life isn't fair. When you start to realise life isn't fair, what do you do: curl up and die or fight every second of the way?"
O'Day admits she was never cut out to handle the politics involved in the music industry, adding, "My entire life I worked on perfecting my talent, thinking that was the only thing that mattered. But when you're actually in this business, you learn that talent only counts for five per cent.
"The rest is how you behave, what you do, how you portray yourself. A lot of it is playing the game and, if anyone doesn't know by now, I don't like playing other people's games. I didn't do it with Diddy, I haven't done it since."