LATEST: The American newspaper that linked rap mogul Sean Combs to a gun attack on the late Tupac Shakur has retracted the incriminating article.
The Los Angeles Times ran an article on 17 March (08) claiming Combs' former manager, Czar Entertainment CEO Jimmy 'Henchman' Rosemond, was involved in a plan to ambush Shakur at a New York Recording studio in 1994.
The Times' editors printed a front-page apology last month (27Mar08), and have now retracted Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chuck Philips' story, after an investigation revealed the report had been based on faked documents, purportedly from the F.B.I.
In the retraction, the newspaper said it wished to "correct that misimpression" Combs had been involved.
Combs and Rosemond have always denied involvement in the attack which saw Shakur shot five times, two years before he was murdered in Las Vegas.
Rosemond is currently looking to sue the publication for damages.