The poster, on Sunset Boulevard, suggests the rap mogul and Terminator: Genisys star Byung-hun Lee will replace Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in the latest instalment in the Rush Hour franchise, but savvy fans fear the ad could just be another prank - like Dennis Quaid's onset meltdown earlier this month (Apr15).

A segment from The Rookie star's comedy video was leaked to the Internet, prompting news outlets to speculate about the actor's apparent set rage, but days later the whole thing was exposed as a spoof on temperamental stars.

Combs has shared a photo of the billboard for Rush Hour 4: Face/Off 2 on his Instagram account, adding the caption, "The Rush is back..."

Diddy previously pranked fans by convincing them he was set for a role in Downton Abbey.

The last Rush Hour movie was released in 2007, but Chan recently revealed there are plans to make another film.