Sean Combs' former rap protege G. Dep is set to pen his memoirs behind bars as he awaits trial on a charge of second-degree murder.
The hip-hop star, real name Trevell Coleman, turned himself in to police in December, 2010, and confessed to the 1993 shooting of 17-year-old John Henkel during a botched robbery in East Harlem, New York.
Henkel died from gunshot wounds sustained during the attack and the Special Delivery hitmaker was subsequently charged with second-degree murder.
Coleman pleaded not guilty to the count in January (12) and jury selection for the case is currently underway, but, the incarcerated star has now decided to share his side of the story by putting pen to paper.
He tells, "The book is an autobiography. It's one of those things where I'm not trying to explain or justify anything, it's just I'm trying to just give people my last option. Obviously I can't record (music). I don't know if people are wondering what's going on or even care, but this is something from an artistic point of view that will kind of close out what I was doing, for now.
"It might kinda answer some people's questions. I'm really just putting it out there as an example... And I'm trying to give a positive message at the same time."
And even though Coleman faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted, he's glad to be finally taking responsibility for his actions.
He adds, "It's sacred to me what's going on with this thing here... I'm getting through day-to-day... I was out in the street, and I wasn't really dealing with anything anyway. So, you know... it's probably more beneficial that it goes this way anyway. I felt like I was going nowhere, fast... Somebody was waiting for me to do something. If I was gonna be an idiot and keep acting like I didn't understand what was going on, I was just gonna go further and further into the hole."