Rap mogul Sean Combs insists he'll never wed - because most of his married friends are miserable.
The Bad Boy Records hitmaker and entrepreneur has a string of broken romances behind him - and he doesn't see a life commitment in his future.
He tells U.S. news show Nightline, "Marriage, for me, is something that I see differently than a lot of people. Based on what I see out here, I don't see it as a commitment.
"I don't know a lot of people that are married (who) are happy. Ninety per cent of the people that I speak to, that are married, are miserable. Ninety per cent of the men I know that are married, they are not really as committed.
"Also, in my background, I never grew up seeing that - my mother never had a man around us. My father was killed when I was three. So, just based on the way what I was accustomed to, I wasn't well-versed in that."