Sean Combs has warned fans they better clear their schedule when they buy his new album - because it's so addictive they'll never turn it off. The rapper compares new release PRESS PLAY to TV drama 24, because fans will want to listen to it all in one go - and then all over again. He tells MTV News, "Once you've heard one track, you'll want to hear them all. It's like the TV series 24." The album even shows Diddy's romantic side. He adds, "I've created a story about this guy who thinks he's the baddest cat to walk the earth - that guy is played by me. "Then he meets a girl, they fall in love, there's pain and things change. It's romantic but it's not soft. The beats will rip up any club. "I feel it's my duty to bring dancing and melody back, I'm not afraid to dance."