Sean Combs has no fears over how his first record in five years will be received, insisting if people aren't impressed by his accomplishments by now, there's nothing he can do to change their minds. The hip-hop mogul is returning to his recording career after taking on a series of other projects which have seen him appear on the Broadway stage, launch his successful clothing business and fragrance, and working to draw attention to political issues. And he insists he doesn't feel pressured to have a best-selling album: "I'm not in pursuit of being number one or selling five million records; that's not my motivation. "It's a standpoint I've never been at before of just letting the music speak for itself. "I've sold over 15 million records, I've won three Grammys - I'm not trying to be greedy, and what's meant for me to have is what's meant for me to have." Combs claims he feels like a true artist for the first time and loves the sense of uncertainty surrounding his new album PRESS PLAY. He adds, "To be honest, and with as much modesty as possible, if you ain't impressed by me by now, I don't know what else I can do."