Rap mogul Sean Combs has turned his 39th birthday party into a "sophisticated celebration" of America's new President Barack Obama.
The rapper stalled his birthday celebrations on Tuesday (04Nov08) to vote for the Democrat and now he's sharing his big celebration with the politician, who was elected the 44th President on Tuesday night.
The double-celebration party, sponsored by Ciroc vodka, will take place at Mansion NYC in New York on Wednesday night (05Nov08).
The jubilant birthday boy appeared on MTV's TRL on Wednesday (05Nov08) - to celebrate Obama's big win and applaud America's youth for voting in huge numbers.
He said, "We did it... Four years ago, when I was on the campaign trail, doing Vote Or Die, they said you would not show up, you would not register...and y'all did it. The MTV generation put the next President of the United States into office. We did it.
"It was my birthday yesterday, and that's all I wanted; I got what I wished for."