Rap mogul Sean Combs is stripping his lifestyle back to the bare essentials for his upcoming movie A Raisin in the Sun. The BAD BOY FOR LIFE hitmaker starred in the Broadway run of the show in 2004, and is thrilled to be back on board for the big screen version. But Combs, who will play struggling WALTER LEE YOUNGER, will be trying 'Method' acting to get into the role. He tells MTV, "I'm going to do it differently than anybody can expect me to do it. "I'm going to get raw and ready, do some hard work for this. I'm really stripping myself down. "I'm moving out of my house and into a studio apartment, and I'm not going to have a Blackberry or a cell phone." A Raisin In The Sun was originally adapted for cinemas in 1961 and starred movie legend Sidney Poitier as struggling Younger.