Rap mogul P DIDDY knows how to pick up girls - by driving slow in classic cars.

The hip-hop star owns a fleet of superfast motors and his own gold-furnished plane, but he reverts to his 1958 CORVETTE if he needs to impress the ladies.

Diddy, real name Sean Combs, showed off his enviable collection of cars to pal FUNKMASTER FLEX for the latter's new RIDE WITH FUNKMASTER FLEX TV show.

But while Flex, himself a huge car enthusiast, drooled over Diddy's one-of-a-kind FERRARI, the rap mogul admitted his classic red and white convertible Corvette is his prized possession.

He says, "If you don't have a girlfriend and you want a girlfriend, just put on a white T-shirt, some jeans and get up in this, pop the top and drive slowly.

"I guarantee you, within 20 miles, you'll have a date."

07/09/2003 21:00