LATEST: Sean Combs is playing down reports he was held at gunpoint by a Los Angeles police officer on Saturday (23Aug08), insisting he wasn't in a car stopped by cops.
Reports suggested the rap mogul was pulled over during a routine traffic stop in the early hours of Saturday morning on the city's Sunset Boulevard. The vehicle was flagged down by police because it did not have the proper registration plate details.
An officer allegedly pulled a gun on Diddy when the star and his entourage approached him as he took down details and reported the traffic stop.
But a spokesperson for the rapper insists just one car in a seven-vehicle fleet was pulled over - and Diddy wasn't in it.
She says, "Sean's car did not get pulled over. No gun was pulled directly at him. One of the cars travelling in a seven-car entourage was pulled over for not having proper tags. The driver was not issued a ticket because the car was a rental vehicle."