Rap star Sean Combs is enjoying a "long distance relationship" with British soccer star David Beckham - they text and page each other all the time. The hip-hop mogul is planning a wild weekend for Beckham's fellow footballer WAYNE ROONEY, after the young sports star made a charity bid for the experience at Beckham's World Cup party in May (06). And although he is "not yet" pals with Rooney, Combs and Beckham are firm friends. He says, "I met David Beckham a long time ago, when he attended one of my parties. We keep in touch often. "All throughout the World Cup we were on our pagers, going backwards and forwards. "Because he's so busy and I'm so busy we don't really have much time to see one another. But it's definitely a real relationship because we don't want anything from one another. "He just checks in to say hello. It's a unique relationship, but it's definitely a long distance relationship."