Sean Combs' defunct girl band Danity Kane is set to make a comic book comeback - former member DAWN RICHARD has signed a deal to put their story into print.
The pop group was formed on the rap mogul's TV series Making The Band, but after a turbulent four years together the group was dismantled in 2009 and the singers released from their contracts.
Richard was subsequently placed into Combs' latest music venture, new band Dirty Money, and now she's looking to capitalise on her time in Danity Kane by agreeing a deal with comic book company eigoMANGA.
She tells, "I am excited about the partnership between eigoMANGA and Danity Kane Comics. We are moving Danity Kane Comics into a new frontier. We want to merge the worlds of comics and music together and we have started on the road to doing so."
The comic book series will debut in Spring 2010.