LATEST: The all-girl band Sean Combs created on TV talent search MAKING OF THE BAND 3 have parted ways with members AUBREY O'DAY and WANITA WOODGETTE. The news comes days after O'Day left fans guessing about her future when she remarked, "You're giving up secrets right now. You're not supposed to know about that," when asked by a TV reporter if reports about her joining the Pussycat Dolls were true. Pussycat Dolls representatives insist the singer will not be joining the group, but Danity Kane's Dawn Richards has confirmed her bandmate has left. In a posting on her website, Richards has written, "To answer all the rumors (sic) that's been out there about Aubrey and D.Woods (Woodgette) pursuing their solo careers, we support them in their decision." But Richards is keen to dispel reports the departures mark the end for Danity Kane: "Myself, Aundrea (Fimbres) and Shannon (Bex) are choosing to continue in our efforts to make Danity Kane the best for our fans who love us and what we represent and the respect we have for our group." But the news they're no longer part of Danity Kane seems to have come as a shock to O'Day. Responding to Richards' comments, O'Day posted her own message, stating, "I love being a member of Danity Kane and have always been down with DK musically. I'm looking forward to a second DK album and I totally support all members of DK in all of their endeavors (sic)."