LATEST: Sean Combs has made an out-of-court settlement for GBP110,000 ($200,000) after being sued by a UK music producer also called Diddy. Combs has changed his name from Puff Daddy to P Diddy to simply Diddy in 2005. However, British DJ RICHARD DEARLOVE has been using the moniker for over 10 years. The settlement means Combs is banned from using the name Diddy in the UK. He has also been ordered to pay Dearlove's GBP100,000 ($182,000) court costs and GBP10,000 ($18,000) in damages. Dearlove says, "I suffered from a head injury in 2001, when Sean Combs changed his name to P Diddy. I lost my sight for three years and couldn't work. "I was all ready to go last year (05), then, in August, he changed his name to Diddy. I was gutted. "I started getting emails from Puerto Rican girls asking if they could be in my video and people were asking me to look at their clothing line." Dearlove made a name for himself with his remixes of classic songs including ATOMIC by BLONDIE.